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Happeo – More than just an intranet

Happeo is a tool that employees genuinely want to use. It is simultaneously a digital work environment, enterprise social network and a conversation channel suited to collaboration. Better still, all this melds seamlessly together with Google Workspace.

A more open communication culture

We solve your organisation’s internal communication and cooperation challenges with the digital collaboration platform Happeo.

We know Happeo from top to bottom

Happeo, which was originally built at Gapps, was created to meet our customer’s real needs.

Everything you need for successful utilisation

Through us, you will receive the necessary Happeo licences, consultation and quick and easy deployment, as well as support and training services.

Why Happeo?

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Cooperation channels

Happeo is digital cooperation at its best. Teamwork is more productive, and information can be shared more quickly.


Intranet pages for sharing information

Happeo’s easy-to-use content management system allows you to put together attractive and informative intranet pages and effortlessly keep them up to date.



Communication with a greater scope

With Happeo’s analytics, the scope of internal communication grows. For example, you can optimise content and transform data into informative charts and reports.

Extensive integration options

Happeo natively integrates with a large number of different platforms that you are probably already using.


World-class data security

Design that is in line with the latest data security practices of the sector and Google Cloud architecture make Happeo a highly data-secure platform.

Easy deployment

With the help of Gapps’s specialists, deployment is easy and success is guaranteed. We implement the best practices for each company’s needs together on a customer-by-customer basis. Gapps has unmatched expertise with which to build a tailored solution to address your needs.


Happeo -training

Gapps’s professionals have years of experience in providing training. We can either tailor our training to your specific needs, or you can choose the off-the-shelf training package that best suits your needs from our catalogue.


Happeo as you want it

Happeo’s basic solution already enables flexible communication between staff. However, sometimes companies need a tailored solution that provides an even better user experience.


Happeo enables flexible communication between all personnel and collects all of your company’s important information in one place. In addition, Happeo’s search function is unrivalled. Replace the frustration of searching with the joy of easy content recovery!



Maintaining Happeo is effortless because it integrates directly into Google Workspace. With the flexible user roles available, you can give ownership of Happeo to your users instead of increasing your IT department’s workload.


Build a winning workplace culture

With Happeo, you can communicate effortlessly and effectively both vertically and horizontally. With all information easily available in one place without a painful search process, work flows that little bit better. Happeo brings a touch of fun to work.

“These days we don’t need to think about where to find this and that. Whatever it is, it’s in Happeo.”

Eeva Latva, Bygghemma Finland

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“When it comes to cooperation, the biggest thing is how much easier our communication has become thanks to these services. Happeo makes everyday work easier.”

We Are Group

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Book a demonstration

Do you want to see a real-time demonstration of Happeo or discuss the subject with us? We provide introductions to Happeo and its features through Google Meet video conferences. So book a time that suits you, and we’ll send you a confirmation via email.

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